Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Kissing's good for your health. So pucker up, Baby, I'm gonna make you live past a hundred!

Ever since I read this on the SleepTalkingMan blog I have been considering making it my new chat up line! Definitely not Rules like but so funny!
You will be pleased to hear that I did not try it on Mr Smile tonight.
He checked midday if we were still on for tonight and what time we should leave. He came to check on time if I was ready, leaving sometime to close out a few open e-mails and then, well prepared, he took me to a wine bar he used to go to. It was just perfect, a tube stop away from the office and we left late enough so that most of our colleagues were already gone, so no risk of office gossip tomorrow.
He choose and ordered a bottle of wine, rather nice. And we just chatted. About everything and nothing in particular. Then it was time to go. We walked back to the station. He waited with me for a train that would allow me to get home safer. When we got to his stop he kissed me goodnight... on the cheeks.
It was a lovely evening and he insisted that I should come to both his work and his friends leaving party before his big trip. I'll have to see. This girl already has plans for one of the two, and a Rules Girl (even one who has broken all the other Rules) does not put 'ho before Bro', or in this case Mr Smile before Mr Ken. Even a bad Rules Girl has her limits.


  1. Nice, he ordered the bottle of wine for a reason! Then he tensed up and got a kiss on the cheek... Geez.

  2. Well the bottle of wine worked on me, I was ready for a compatriot's kiss, maybe the leaving do will help him relax his tensed up cheeks...