Sunday, 12 September 2010

Success at last

It only took a little bit of help and many days of settle hints, but Mr Smiley finally asked me out.
It was Friday and I was refilling my bottle of water in the kitchenette. Mr C was just walking out of it when Mr Smiley walked in. After the usual greeting exchange we moved on to the what-are-you-up-to-this-weekend chat. I mentioned that I didn't have any specified plans but was thinking of checking out this photographic exhibit. That is when I finally got the first result of many days of settle hints: "Are you going with anyone? I just thought... maybe... I could come with you?... If you wanted?"
Now, I had two very different yet simultaneous reactions here:
Reaction number 1: Jump up and down whilst screaming YYYYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!! WOOOOO...HOOOOOO!!!!! FINALLY!!! YOU ASKED ME OUT!!!!
All that whilst practising my back flip, full split, hip hop and salsa dance moves. And most importantly... all in my head.  It's just that my mind is more flexible than my body and I am not sure I would have managed the back flip and full split that well in real life.
Reaction number 2: Play it very cool "Yeah, that would be lovely" with a nice smile.
He suggested that he would call me the following morning to arrange time and place, then pointed out that he didn't have my number. I obliged.
I hear you say "But you broke all the Rules! You accepted a date a Friday for a Saturday. You told him you had no plans for the weekend." Yes, I know, I didn't do it exactly by the Rules but I figured that one has to live dangerously at times.

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