Sunday, 8 August 2010

Big Brother is watching

Being an only child I have always dreamt to have a big brother. Someone to look out for me, to protect me from trouble and to get me out of it when I managed to get myself in some.
Luckily through my life I have met a couple of people who, although are not blood related, fill this gap. And I was out with one of them last night.
It was a great night and there was a few nice single men too.
As I was ordering at the bar, one of them came to chat to me. As we chatted I heard this very loud "WTF! What are you doing here?". That was my "BB". It turned out they new each other from work! I let them chat for a bit and then before the guy left he mentioned how he would love to get the chance to chat again later. I reminded him that he would know exactly where to find me at the bar, near his ex-colleague. He came back later to find out where we were going next. I told him that I would be following my BB as I was staying with him and his fiancé that night. He went to have a chat with him and just left without a word. Not what I expected.
Like a good Rules Girl, I let it go and move on to chatting to some more people.
Charming man number 2 comes along, a friend of BB, and we chat he is cheeky and funny and we keep mingling with other people. Then I see him chatting to BB... The next time I chat to him, his attitude seems to have slightly changed, and again he leaves without asking for my number.
Ummm.... I think I may need to have a chat with BB. He is supposed to be looking after me, not scaring any man slightly interested in me away!!
I told him this morning that should any of the 2 contact him for my number he was free to give it to them but under no circumstances should he bring it up to them. I figure that following the Rules would mean that they would have to make the first step and effort by asking BB for my number.
I won't be holding my breath on that one. Shame, they were cute.

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