Friday, 27 August 2010

Mixing work and pleasure...

... is it a good idea?
Last night was my work drinks. It is no ordinary drinks. The ratio man-woman is of 100 to 1. Unfortunately most of them are builders, and not the sexy type you might see on Coca Cola ads. More the wide, crack showing type, nothing to get very excited about.
Except... Except for the potential of seeing Mr C outside of the strict walls of the office, and hopefully avoiding total embarrassment. Also maybe finding a bit more about Mr Snag, and to my surprise a query from someone I have longed secretly admired and thought was not interested in me but who seemed keen to know whether I would be attending the festivities.
Mr Snag was a no show.
Mr C only stayed for a bit and I didn't get to chat to him. The truth is I got intimidated by a stunning girl who had join his group and seemed so comfortable with him that I though she may have been his partner. As I found out later she was his PA. A very funny girl. And very flirty.
But the biggest surprised of the night was the interest demonstrated by Mr Smile. We started chatting on a regular basis over lunch a few months back (I refuse to seat at my desk for lunch and so I will often make use of the kitchenette provided in my office). He has always be interesting to talk too. He is cute, half Malaysian/ half English. He has an amazing smile that just makes you melt. He is probably shorter than I would normally go for but his charms make up for it.
Although I had a bit of a crush on him, I had come to the conclusion that he wasn't "into me". He was always lovely with me, but seemed to display the same niceness towards my colleagues. I had put him in the "Just a lovely guy" category and moved on. But last night, he wasn't just being his charming self. He made sure that I spend some time with him. He waved me towards him as I was moving from one group to the other in true "Rule Girl" style. When I went to get some food (The British "Eating is Cheating" rule has never caught up with me), he accompanied me and found seats for us. When we went back to the bar area, one of my French friend (in his fifties) decided to introduce me to his entire team, all male, and then went on to to tell me about his divorce. Mr Smile moved on to catch up with his colleagues. I went on to mingle a bit more...
About one hour later I passed near him after being told that a drink was waiting for me at the other end of the bar... He called after me, asking where I had been and when will I be back chatting with him. I told him that I would be back soon to explain. I had a quick chat with my client and a few more colleagues and only then went back to see him. A little while later my French friend came with two twenty something guys, all speaking French and greeting me in the traditional French way, shake hands and the compulsory kisses on the cheeks. I failed to do the introduction as my friend was getting quite agitated, due to excessive alcohol consumption and the excitement created by his two new companions. Mr Smile must have felt threaten as he just jumped in, stretch his hand to one of the two lads and with his best French went: "Bonjour! Ca va?" to the point where my new friends thought he actually did speak French. I realised my lack of manners and quickly corrected: "Mr Smile, those are my friends two sons, Frenchy and Froggy..." His face pretty much collapsed. I think he thought he had made a complete fool of himself. I thought it was the cutest thing I had seen in a long time. Nothing wrong with displaying a bit of jealousy.
We discussed a bit more literature, music and West End shows and then it was time to leave. As the true gentleman he is he walked me to the tube station and took the train with me as far as the next stop that allowed him back on his route home.
Nothing happened, yet a lot seemed to. But, there is always a but, for one, we work in the same office, only for another 3 weeks... but worst, he is moving to Kenya for 6 months.
Is it worth any emotional attachment? Or should I maybe just take it as a bit of fun?
Let see what next week brings...

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