Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Last night was a bad one in more than one way. My car got vandalised by some kids, leaving me with a big bill with my insurance. But it was also the night for my first call with the new man... And it didn't go well.
I did keep it to 10 minutes, for once. I don't know whether it was because I was annoyed about my car and stressed out or whether I just wasn't that impressed with his voice and his lack of conversation but he very much reminded me of Ned Flanders, in the Simpsons. I apologise at the beginning of our chat as I knew that I wouldn't be sounding my chirpy self due to the earliest incident. He's answer where along the lines of "Crickey" and "Didley Doo...". I know that most women might be impressed by a man who never swears, but I work on a building site! We mentioned calling each other again, but I doubt he was too impressed either.
I think Ned might not be a match after all.

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