Sunday, 15 August 2010

L'Amoureuse in red

Since I have read The Rules I have been trying my very best to be nonchalant, slightly aloof, around men that I was interested in. Unfortunately there is this one person around which I can't remain/ pretend to be aloof. Every time he speaks to me I turn bright red. It first happened about a week ago when we had our first "more than one exchange" chat. And ever since, well, it hasn't got any better.
I know he realised what was happening the first time around because he gave a slightly surprised/ pleased with himself smile, and ever since he makes a point to make a little comment every time he sees me, turning me from cool and collected into this blushing teenager with a crush on her teacher. How embarrassing! And I have no doubt that he does it in purpose.
To top it all I made the "mistake" to ask our client out for a drink in front of him on Friday (all professional, we were going for a end of week drink with my colleague). They didn't follow so I assume that they weren't coming. I sent my colleague to find us a table and went to the bar to order.
As I was waiting for our drinks to arrive I spotted our client coming toward the bar... and Mr C walking next to him. I started hoping that they were on their way to the tube station, until they came through the bar's door. At this stage there was no more pretending... They were joining us for drinks. How will I survive seating with him and holding a casual/ slightly professional conversation with him, my client and my colleague without turning red? I went for the easy solution: Alcohol! And it worked. At least if I believe my colleague who made a point of telling me how well I did after they left.
Just another few months of blushing before moving on to pasture new.

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