Monday, 2 August 2010

Men are like buses...

... you wait for one for ages and then three turn up.

After a few quiet weeks on the dating front, it seems that suddenly I could well have 3 dates!
Ok, I am exaggerating a bit, one of the "dates" is meeting up with a friend. But it is still a free drink!
On the more serious side I know have a phone date with someone I met on one of the website. He is slightly younger, 1 or 2 years younger, slightly taller, a few inches, seems quite cute and very outdoory. For what I have found out so far he enjoys climbing. Not sure whether this will lead to anything yet, but I should try to play it by "The Rules" and only give him 10 minutes on the phone to ask me out!
The second was a bit less expected. One of the guys I used to deal with on one of my previous job had his birthday, maybe a week ago. I sent him a message on Facebook, as one does when one is reminded (you have to love Facebook for that! I have always been the worst at remembering birthdays and now I don't miss one!). Anyway, he sent me a message to saying "Thank you Madame", so I gently reminded him that, actually, it's Mademoiselle. Next thing I know he is asking me out for drinks! Like a true Rules Girl, I shall let him wait until tomorrow for an answer.
To be continued...

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