Saturday, 7 August 2010

Crime against first encounter

After my car being vandalised earlier this week and a few days going out fro drinks with friends to get over it I felt like it was time for some pampering, as recommended by "The Rules". So after having a chat with my parents, I went off to my bathroom and started working on my hair, covering the odd grey one which dares showing through, Because I'm worth it...
My hair was properly covered with colouring shampoo when my door bell went. Damn it! It's got to be the Jehovah Witnesses again! Obviously my "I'm a devil worth-shipper" from last time didn't work as well as I thought. Surely with my hair covered in black hair colour it should do it this time. I go to my upstairs bedroom window to check who is at my door.
Oops, not the Jehovah witnesses. Instead 2 policemen are waiting there, looking a bit impatient...
"Hi... You're here about my car?... Sorry, give me 5 minutes..."
OH... SHIT! One of them is cute! What am I supposed to do now?
I wrap myself in my cutest bathrobe. That covers the dodgy PJ's I am still wearing at 11:45! Unfortunately there is not much to do about the smudge of colouring shampoo on my face... Damn it! Talk about bad timing.
I rush down the stairs, slightly shaky at the idea of looking like a complete Muppet in front of 2 police officers (mostly in front of the cute one, of course) I open the door and apologise profusely about my appearance, but  by their look I know it's too late. The first impression has been ruined. I looked like a middle age woman trying hard to hide her age by colouring her hair. It's a fail!
Maybe it was just the uniform and the handcuffs who did for me after all... The old fantasy of a man in uniform...
On the plus side, they did give me their number, but I guess it doesn't count as they didn't ask me for mine. Just not "Rules" like!

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